Wallea Eaglehawk.
QLD, Australia.
20. Graduated film student. Sociology major/philosophy minor. Assistant curator. I write a lot.
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Blog post up at coolihawk.com

Blog post up at coolihawk.com

Oh what a lovely day to be at home and not at university where I’m meant to be. What can I say, I really don’t like having to pay for parking…Seen as it’s nearly lunch time, I treated myself to a break from the 20 minutes of study I had done. Mmm, peanut butter and honey on toast, how nutritious! A choice which I now regret as my mouth feels super furry, go figure.
One of the books I am reading for my sociology of health course (it’s not called that, but I prefer that title as it explains what it’s about much more succinctly - real name: Health, Society & Culture) is Undoing Privilege by Bob Pease, and so far I don’t hate it. Although I’ve been at this uni game for some time now, I’m yet to appreciate the horribly elitist academic tone in the majority of the texts I’m subjected to. So it was a nice surprise to begin this book actually understanding what was being said without feeling like I’m being condescended to.Essentially, what I think is being said so far, is that instead of looking at those in society who are disadvantaged due to structural inequalities, we should turn an eye to the privileged groups of people who are responsible for maintaining these inequalities through their actions, some of which are not totally in their control - ie. being white, but most of which can be altered to create a more equal society.I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m vibing right now.Until next time…

Henri de Braekeleer - The Picture Lover (1884)

Totem Design Group, Circa 1982

Rosemary and Thyme

Hanjo Schmidt

beverley edwards

Antibes, Morning  ~ Henri-Edmond Cross

The Promenade, Argenteuil ~ Claude Monet

Bloody Foreland, Ireland